Rewards and Sanctions

To encourage and promote good behaviour we have developed a new rewards system. Rewards have a motivational role in helping students to realise good behaviour is valued. A new robust system for rewards and sanctions will be implemented from this September (2017). The new system will enable us to identify a clear difference between attainment and behaviour in education and engagement and behaviour in care. This data can be scrutinised to celebrate successes and provide support where needed. The new system will involve the use of learning credits.

Learning credits

Learning credits (LC) will be awarded by all subject teachers for all lessons in education. The student will be awarded learning credits for attainment and behaviour in lessons. In care, all students will be awarded learning credits (LC) for engagement and behaviour at teatime, evening activities, settler and riser.

Both care and education will be recording in the same way for the students which will be a combination of letters and numbers each having a maximum value of 5 LCs Education Care The learning credits have a monetary value of 1p and at the end of every week the students can earn a running total of their learning credit values. Students will then be able to convert their learning credits to prizes from at the end of each half term. Miss TVT and Miss Turner will have responsibility for collating the learning credits and ordering the prizes for the students. Students may choose to roll learning credits over to the following term in order to get a prize of greater value. Staff will be encouraged to give random rewards for good behaviour in lessons and around the school. These rewards can include verbal praise, extra learning credits, postcard home and telephone call home.

Please see our Behaviour Policy for more information.