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Mr. Sherwood appointed as Headteacher Designate of Bowden House School

Dear Parents/Carers

In September 2018, our current Headteacher, Mr. Gerry Crook, informed the school’s Governing Body that he was planning to retire at the end of the academic year, 2018/19.

Following an extensive and rigorous recruitment process, we are pleased to announce that Mr. Aaron Sherwood has been appointed as Headteacher Designate of Bowden House School.

Mr. Sherwood, who has been our Deputy Headteacher since January 2016, will formally take up the permanent, full-time Headteacher post in September 2019 but from January 2019 will begin transition work as Headteacher Designate alongside Mr. Crook

Mr. Sherwood will continue to bring a sense of drive and ambition to the school, whilst ensuring continuity of the school’s ethos and philosophy.

Following his appointment, Mr. Sherwood said It is with immense pride that I succeed Mr Crook as Headteacher of Bowden House School upon his retirement. I will endeavour to build upon his success and legacy, continuing to develop our school into one if the best SEMH provisions in the country. The students will be at the centre of all decisions and plans to ensure their continued progression. Together with our talented and unique staff team, we will embark on the next chapter of what is already a truly remarkable school. It is an honour to be at the helm’.

As Chair of Governors and on behalf of the school’s Governing Body, I would like to congratulate Mr. Sherwood on his appointment and look forward to working with him as he leads Bowden House School into an exciting future. He has an impressive background in education displaying passion and determination to equip our students with the skills and confidence for a successful step into adulthood

Mr. Sherwood’s vision and experience will bring new strengths to the school, positive outcomes for our students and strong support for our staff.

Yours sincerely

Wendy Phillips

Chair of Governors

Emotional and Wellbeing Intervention Team

This integrated team aims to provide a joint approach with intensive, targeted support for students in school and during care time to improve their social, emotional and mental health wellbeing. The team will aim to develop our students’ ability to engage in the learning process and become confident learners; adopt coping mechanisms to manage their behaviour more effectively and improve appropriate social skills. For more information read the full report here.

Exam Results 2018

Exam Results 2018

Exam results 2017

It has been an exceptional year for our Year 11 students all of whom achieved 5 GCSEs or equivalent.
These subjects included GCSE Maths, English and Art; DIDA ICT and BTEC Science & PE.
Bowden House School is very proud of these achievements which secured places at local colleges for all of
Additionally 2 of our Year 10 students achieved in GCSE Maths.


July 2017

And the winner is….

On 16 March 2017, Chelsea FC’s training base in Cobham played host to an inaugural football tournament for students aged 12-16 from 8 schools for students with Social, Emotional & Mental Health difficulties.
The participants were split into two groups and played each other in a league format before progressing to either the Cup or Plate.

Bowden House School from East Sussex, were eventually crowned champions after beating Oastlers from Bradford 2-0 in the final.

The Chelsea Foundation programmes, projects and events officer, Kenny Dowling, quoted:
‘All teams were thrilled to be invited with several of the players remarking how they felt like a professional footballer’
‘All the teams were on their best behaviour and were a credit to their schools. The standard of football was very high and everyone had a great time’

‘We have already started discussions to host this again next year but this time we would hope to work with organisers to make a much bigger deal of the entire event with preliminary rounds and regional tournaments before the big final here at Cobham’

March 2017

Mayor of London Award

Mayor of London Award 2017



November 2016

Newhaven to Dieppe Ferry Delayed by 10 Minutes!


Our youngest students, Lemar, Jodey, David, McKenzie and Joshuaa known as the Bobcats took up a challenge to paddle 6 miles from Newhaven Harbour to Southease to raise money for the RNLI. Our External Leadership Team of Mr. Ward, Ms Irvine and Mr. Booth provided the back-up.

The Captain of the ferry delayed his morning departure to allow the Bobcats to safely cross the harbour entrance as they made their way upstream.

rnli4During their journey, Lemar asked if all on board could observe 1 minute’s silence to acknowledge the work of the RNLI and here is our intrepid crew at their journey’s end where they enjoyed a well-earned cup of hot chocolate with Ms Irvine and Mr. Booth.

The Bobcats raised £265 which they presented to the RNLI and were treated to a tour of the Lifeboat Station. Well done, the Bobcats!!



September 2016

numeracyninjaWhat is Numeracy Ninjas?

Numeracy Ninjas is a whole-school numeracy interaction run in KS3 maths lessons.

In each lesson, students complete a 5 minute skills test which includes: 10 questions on mental numeracy calculation strategies; 10 times-tables questions and 10 questions on key topics that must be mastered before study in GCSE Maths.picture1

The tests are marked in class by the students who score the Ninja Score out of 30. This corresponds to a particular Ninja Belt – click here to see the range of belts students can earn up to Grand Master!

Numeracy Ninjas was the brain-child of Teacher of the Year 2016/17, William Emeny who identified a skills gap in students’ mastery of basic numeracy. He felt that learning Maths should be fun and has devised a wide range of resources for schools which are FREE!