How We Work

How we work

Bowden House School offers an effective, educational programme delivered in a safe, stable and supportive environment with an increased opportunity to improve school attendance; raise the attainment and achievement of its students and is committed to enabling each student to strive to reach their full potential. The Care Team work closely with the Education Team and contributes to the stability and learning aspirations of the students. This whole school approach ensures that students receive consistent, high quality education and care; school placements have the potential to be long-term, where appropriate and the reputation of the school is enhanced by the quality and stability offered.

The main aim of the school is:

  • To provide an educationally stimulating environment for every student
  • To provide a blend of experienced staffing, including those qualified in social care and teaching. The range of skills within the team ensures that the individual needs of all students can be met
  • To encourage students to contribute to their Individual Learning Plans; take an active part in planning their own future and to accept responsibility for their actions and begin to address and work towards managing their behaviour
  • To expand the knowledge, skills and abilities of every student within the formal classroom setting; learning ‘Outside the Classroom’ and within the wider community
  • To support every student in a small group learning environment to improve their educational and social skills based upon their individual needs
  • To enable every student to become a positive, responsible member of society with encouragement to participate in a range of outside interests
  • To provide opportunities to form appropriate relationships with adults and other students in a caring, nurturing environment with maximum opportunities to develop these relationships within clearly defined boundaries and guidelines
  • To accept school placements for boys aged 9 years to 16+ years with a view to providing a stable, caring environment
  • To ensure that the blend of teaching and care staff work co-operatively together so that Individual Learning Plans are tailored to meet each individual student’s needs
  • For all staff to be aware and respond to the possible distress faced by students living away from their families/friends and the demands of shared living
  • To develop the positive self-esteem and confidence of all students.

The Parallel Curriculum

The Parallel Curriculum